What People Are Saying

City Year

“Nancy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to City Year’s Board. In addition to her passion for our mission and her steadfast commitment to our success, Nancy has helped our organization during its start-up phase to create structures that increase our operational efficiency and overall output which allows us to provide more support to off-track Sacramento students. Having a high-functioning board is important for any organization, but as a non-profit that does not have the luxury of time or money, board activation and cultivation is crucial. As Chair of our Board Leadership Development Committee, Nancy has helped to shape and define board responsibilities and structures, board growth and board member accountability. We are incredibly lucky to have Nancy serve with City Year and can attribute much of our operational success to her hard work.”Jake Mossawir, Executive Director
City Year Sacramento

Developmental Disabilities Service Organization (DDSO)

“Nancy’s energy and passion for serving the Sacramento community is boundless. Her dynamic network within the community and special talent of being able to find the right person to contribute to a variety of boards truly makes her a valuable asset to Sacramento. If you haven’t met Nancy yet, you probably have seen her, as she is involved in a wide range of activities. We are thrilled to have SacConnects working with us to find more committed board members.”Yvonne E. Soto, President and CEO

Givelocal Now

“Nancy brings a very special energy to everything she touches. Her first thought in every conversation is always “How can I help this person by sharing my wide network and my knowledge of what is happening in the region?”. Her enthusiasm is so contagious that people want her to be part of what they are doing, and I have yet to find anyone that can say no to her. She has a very disarming way of helping you take a fresh look or consider a new approach. If you want to infuse a creative mix of regional knowledge and connections with renewed energy – Nancy is your best choice.”Susan Frazier, Consultant
Give Local Now Former Project Manager

Nehemiah Community Foundation

“Nancy is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and delivers the content around being an excellent board member with ease. She leaves you with lots of take aways that makes you want to spring into action immediately to transform your organizations.”Rinna Pera, Marketing Specialist
Nehemiah Community Foundation,
Nehemiah Emerging Leaders Program


“Nancy was tremendously helpful in finding the perfect candidate to join RedRover’s Board of Directors. RedRover is a national organization based in Sacramento seeking to become better known in our own community. Nancy used her wide network to identify a community member with the exact skills and strengths we were looking for, and she helped connect me with others by identifying events that would be worthwhile attending and coordinating meetings with like-minded individuals. It is clear Nancy is well-regarded and well-connected and passionate about strengthening the Sacramento nonprofit community and helping leaders and organizations achieve their goals. I would highly recommend her services.”Nicole Forsyth, President and CEO

Sacramento Ballet

“The Sacramento Ballet would like to thank Nancy Brodovsky of SacConnects for her continued support assisting the Ballet efforts in identifying and screening board recruits. After several years running with a lean board we felt it was time to expand our board, understanding the next step was not that easy, who? We turned to a new start-up in the area, SacConnects, to help us with the daunting task of identifying, recruiting and closing on new board members who will ultimately assist the Ballet in its mission. Nancy and SacConnects took the time to understand our goals and board needs before recommending a single candidate. To date SacConnects has helped the Sacramento Ballet Company fill several vacant board seats in a timely and effortless fashion. SacConnects worked closely with the Board and recruitment committee to determine the best candidates for the open positions. We have been ecstatic with the level of professionalism and service we have received from SacConnects and the candidates that have been brought forth by them!”John L. Allen, Board Recruit Chair
Sacramento Ballet

San Juan Education Foundation

“Nancy does a wonderful job of getting to know non-profits so that she can find Board members who are passionate about making a contribution and who are eager to support the organization’s mission.”Pamela Lapinski
San Juan Education Foundation

Save the American River Association (SARA)

“In 2016, Save the American River Association (SARA) engaged SacConnects to find qualified persons for consideration as members of our board of directors. We asked Nancy Brodovsky to specifically seek younger candidates so that our 501(c)(3) non-profit may begin moulding a board capable of performing our role well into the 21st Century. After a reasonable time period, Nancy provided two very well-qualified candidates, both very acceptable to SARA. As SARA needs additional board members, we will not hesitate to once again contact SacConnects.”
Warren V. Truitt, Vice President

Susan G. Komen Sacramento Valley

“Nancy Brodovsky and SacConnects provide an invaluable service to the nonprofit community. Nancy’s is deeply committed to the nonprofit community and her vast connections and years of experience offer the very best recruitment network for any board. With Nancy’s help we were able to find board members that will lead and grow our organization with passion and commitment to our cause.”Kelly Plag, Executive Director
Susan G. Komen Sacramento Valley

Touro University California

“Nancy brings a clear vision, substantial experience, and tremendous positive energy to her work at Touro University California. Her guidance in forming a University Advisory Board has been very helpful, and is creating strong relationships with influential members of the community that will serve Touro’s students for many years to come.”James T. Sotiros, Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Touro University California

UC Davis MIND Institute

“I have known Nancy Brodovsky for over 20 years and have worked with her in various organizations. I have found her to be:

  • Inclusive – she recognizes the importance of diversity in cultural, socio-economic, and religious groups in all aspects of the community,
  • To have terrific connections throughout the community, across all areas: from art groups to medical organizations, law to business and community leaders, non-profits to for profit,
  • And an expert at leading meetings and discussions, including those that are challenging.”
Terri Naughten Contenti, Community Relations Officer
UC Davis MIND Institute

UC Davis School of Education

“Nancy Brodovsky at SacConnects is a wonderful asset to the UC Davis School of Education as both a Board Member and consultant helping us continue to develop our volunteer and philanthropic programs. She is attentive, creative, energetic and thoughtful. Nancy has given me and my team practical advice that we can implement today to improve our outreach and relationship-building efforts.”Harold G. Levine, Dean and Professor
School of Education University of California, Davis