Corporate Executives Role in Nonprofits

Which Board Should Your Executives Sit On?

For a corporation wanting to build its civic presence, SacConnects provides services to identify the causes your executives are most interested in, and can, place these individuals on appropriate nonprofit and association boards.

The Return on Investment to your corporation and executives is demonstrated by:

  • Attracting potential clients or customers through your civic engagement.
  • Assisting your executives to enhance their professional skills and personal passion.
  • Expanding your executive’s network of peers, professionals, community leaders, as well as your community network as a whole.

Which boards should your top executives sit on that can enhance your business relations and are right for them?

What interests do you have that are not getting fulfilled in your daily life?

That passion can be aligned with an organization that can have the potential to bring you business and affect your bottom line. The same can happen to your key executives.

SacConnects is able to assess which non profit boards your executive leadership should be involved with and determine if it is aligned with your company’s culture and mission.

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