Board Orientation

Speaking at YP Summit on How to be a good board member on a large stage in front of an audience

How effective is it when you go to a board meeting and they discuss a topic which you have no context for?

How effective are new board members who do not understand your organization?

Once the board comes together, the real work begins. An organization has a responsibility to educate and engage new members. Typically organizations tend to do a very brief and perfunctory job of training their new members.

SacConnects offers a training program to help facilitate this crucial process.

  • We survey current board members on topics they feel are important to include and ones that they wish they had a better understanding of.
  • We assess this process after the first year to determine if it has met the needs of the members.
  • We develop mentorship programs, elevator speeches and social gathering with the rest of the board and staff are additional aspects of the training to ensure cohesion and success.